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Starlo's Red Cockapoos...

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1st Generation Female ~ Starlo's Tess 'n' Starlo's Jim Dandy ~ Born May 31st, 2008

Moving to New York!


Ryder Griffith


Angela with her new cockapoo "Chloe". . .

Hi Debbie, just to let you know she did great yesterday on the planes!  And of course got a lot of attention  She didn't cry a bit.  We took her potty in the bathroom twice.  She slept most of the time, I wish I had!   

 Thanks you and God Bless,

Marie Mako

July 10, 2007

 (Chloe is Starlo's Ginger and Starlo's Jim Dandy's little girl!)

Brigit... 6 1/2 months old now and we are having such fun with her!  She loves everyone she meets!  She seems to know she must be calm and quiet when she's in Grandma's room.  Her favorite thing to do is chase the ball outside in the backyard.  Brigit loves going in the car to Farmer's market on Saturday mornings.  This is her social time to meet lots of people especially kids, and other dogs.  We always laugh when people ask us if she is a miniature golden retriever! (maybe there could be a new name for the buff 'smoothface' cockapoos, 'mini-golds'!) I bet there's a market for them!

Jennifer Spotten

March 6, 2007



Hello Debbie! I have been telling you how cute Smidgen has gotten and thought you should see for yourself!!!! Such a beautiful color and such a beautiful little girl......Still can't thank you enough for picking out such a doll for us!!!!!

Kathy in Cambria

February 23, 2007

Smidgen on Starlo's Paw Prints

Honey from Texas.


SMIDGEN - Cambria, CA   BONNIE = Anaheim, CA   This is a photo of Missy Dobkins she lives in Christmas Valley Oregon.. she is a first generation cockapoo .    This lil girl is Peanut McMurtrey she lives in Ca.. she is a first generation..  Ginger Snap.. she lives In portland Or...